Fun…. No dull moments… Painful but life changing workouts with Chantell. Such amazing people that will surely assist your way to achieving your goals and needs in health and fitness.


Classes run by the most inspirational people you will ever meet. I’ve gotten way more out these 30min classes than I have ever done doing an hour and half at a regular gym. 30 minutes goes fast which means I’m NOT holding back to save energy. Thankyou for helping me find my mojo again!!


Absolutely recommend The HIIT Movement!!  Bradley was the reason I joined the fitness industry 7 years ago… He changed the way I looked at gyms, exercising and myself, then I came across Chantell’s classes and never looked at group fitness the same again. This woman knows how to draw you in.

The energy they bring to people around them is contagious, they leave you wanting more. You never feel like just a number attending one of their sessions, they make you feel apart of it, apart of something special. Only those who step into their classes will understand it!!! Jump on board, you won’t regret it!


I have had the pleasure of participating in Chantelle’s classes over the past 5 years now! I absolutely hate exercising- I stumbled into her class one day and since that day I knew exercising could be fun! She has you in stitches from the minute you walk in with her quirky personality and huge smile! I don’t know if my abs get more of a workout from the exercises or the laughing but either way it’s enjoyable. I now can’t do anyone else’s classes because it feels like it drags on. Give these classes a go and you won’t regret it!


Channy and Brad are amazing, not only as trainers but as fitness mentors! They bring entertainment and a positive and encouraging vibe to every class! In 2011-2013 they helped me achieve my weigh lost goals, they made every day exercise fun and addictive! Since then, I have maintained a healthy and active life style, I have more confidence in myself and my abilities then ever before, and I couldn’t be more grateful! Training with Channy and Brad, is the best investment you could ever make!