Information about our Class options at the HIIT Movement


Is the latest fitness craze from the UK. Using simple body weight exercises performed on a step this class is suitable for all fitness levels. The music is buzzing, the energy is high and the time will fly!


The martial arts inspired workout focusing on training your core, legs, endurance, coordination and speed. This workout will empower you with every single move.


Backed by research and science to build lean muscle and improve strength. Using a barbell, hand weights and body weight exercises to blast all muscle groups Grit will push your heart rate and your mental strength. This program is your essential to high intensity training.


The original high intensity interval workout that proved to be effective following the simple principal of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This method means no fancy choreography and allows variety in the workout.


Low impact session focusing on working your major muscles groups. Resistance training will ensure definition and shape of your glutes, legs and core. All you need is a resistance band an exercise mat and the desire to burn buns of steel.


Low impact session focusing on promoting good posture, pelvic floor exercises and building strength in your core. This is the perfect session to compliment your high insanity workouts.


Strength training with a cardio twist. Using only a kettle bell, you will be pushed outside your comfort levels. Work to time and feel stronger and fitter fast!


Simple boxing combinations with simple high impact cardio moves to push your heart rate. No partner or gloves required.


Builds strength, develops control and endurance whilst focusing on core strength, alignment, balance and strengthen pelvic floor.


Will only run during our 6 week challengers and are exclusive for challengers. These sessions will use a variety of equipment and will vary each week in structure. Most sessions will be organised as ‘workout stations’ working alongside a partner or with a small group. Sessions end with education to assist challengers and a much needed mobility and stretch session.